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Airline ticket little common sense
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Airline ticket is a kind of very special note, can reflect a whole carriage contract from a piece of little airline ticket actually. Main component is a full name, range, date, fare is waited a moment.

Above all for, the Ming Sheming of alleged home airline ticket is buckled. The discount of international airline ticket is the method of a kind of sales promotion that is aimed at tourist class. Make an example for, if there are 100 places on a plane. Have personnel of pilot of special responsible sale so, undertake administrative to these economic cabin seat or berth, give them different code name, by English number composition. The code name that differs according to these next, mirror in the computer of couplet net. Personnel of carry out ticket has the sale of different price with respect to the shipping space that opens according to computer. Why saying is Ming Sheming buckle, that is opposite previously of airline ticket dark buckle a form. “ buckles ” to act as agent namely cost, offer airline ticket inquiry for you, send a ticket those companies ordering a ticket that come next, it is airline agent mostly actually, after they sell a piece of airline ticket for aviation, what airline basis sells airline ticket is actual produce amount. Be being reflected on airline ticket is fare this one column, for example, the total value airline ticket that Shanghai goes to Beijing is 1130, so the gain that acting company scores from which is 1130*0.03=33.9 yuan. Because whole process is very at present transparent word, call “ Ming Sheming to buckle ” so.

What is the lot turns? Understand popularly even if change an airline from the airliner of an airline. Hit the airline ticket that has lost to make clear in column of attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it so: Do not get an autograph to turn. The truth is very simple, since had enjoyed know clearly of privilege of this airline fare, that of course cannot again change is other airline.

What is to change? Of airline ticket changing is in the light of date character actually. Because of the full name of airline ticket, the course can not change. We often receive a passenger to put forward to say, I do not go to this ticket, change an individual to become to me? Or I do not go to Beijing, change Tianjin to become to me? The answer has only, won't do. Because airline ticket is different from other goods, when although you are in,booking airline ticket, can feel very convenient, a phone is done decided, sit in the home to take airline ticket. But actually the behind the curtain gives work for this your journey, sell airline from the ground, a very complex program is worn for your itinerary and active preparation. The operation that a when become you so small decision can cause the left and right sides is overthrown entirely come again. So airline ticket can be changed besides date outside, other content can be changed anything but. If you were bought,hit of course lose particularly much airline ticket, so the regulation that still needs fibrous root occupies airline, abandon changing the right of date.
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