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The passenger buys ticket notice
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After the passenger is deciding appropriate seat, the passenger ticket that decides appropriate seat by this seizes the opportunity. The passenger can set according to concerning to carrier booking office or sell procuratorial booking office to book a seat. Had decided the seat of appropriate, the passenger should set in carrier or the ticket is bought inside decided time limit about beforehand. If did not buy a ticket inside the time limit that buy a ticket, what decide a seat not to give reservation.
Seat reconfirm
Passenger hold decides the couplet Cheng of appropriate seat or round-trip passenger ticket, if above stays 72 hours in this couplet Cheng or return trip place, the station must leave before two days in this couplet Cheng or plane of return trip airliner midday 12 hours before, formalities of conduction seat reconfirm. Otherwise, decide a seat not to give formerly reservation.

Viatic certificate:
The passenger must do appropriate to leave the country beforehand, enter a country and pass through the territory of a country (if need) the viatic certificate such as the passport that place state institute asks and visa. Airline has authority to reject carry those certificate be thinkinged are not lost add up to requirement or half-baked passenger.

Passenger ticket:
Passenger ticket is carrier or deputy delegate carrier fill in the file of the passenger that calls “ passenger ticket and luggage check ” , it is the proof of the carriage bond between carrier and passenger. The passenger consigns a Li He to seize the opportunity by passenger ticket.
Passenger ticket should keep neat, in good condition, use for him passenger only. Be made over, alter or misshapen passenger ticket are regarded as invalidated ballot.
Passenger ticket period of efficacy:
The period of efficacy of common and one-way, round-trip or annulus Cheng passenger ticket is a year. If passenger ticket did not begin to use, from the day computation that fills; If begin a trip oneself, from the day consideration that begins a trip. Browse or the period of efficacy of passenger ticket of special admission fee, the requirement that sets by this fare is dealt with.
The aviation that fare points to to the passenger reachs destination airport by airport of ground setting out carries the price. Year full the children of 12 one full year of life or adult should buy a ticket by full price; Full already minor details of two one full year of life is full the children of 12 one full year of life buys a ticket by the 75 % of applicable full price; The adult is accompanied and minor details is full the LO % that the baby of two one full year of life can press full price buys a ticket, but cannot enjoy a place alone, and, the passenger of each full price can have a baby to enjoy this kind of fare only. The children that accompanies without the adult or odd need are exclusive the baby that uses one seat wants to press full price 50% buy a ticket.
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