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How are the taxes of international airline ticket and free baggage forehead calc
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The passenger classics regular meeting that buys international airline ticket asks, why to buy airline ticket to pay tax even, be airport construction duty? Not be of course. Buy the duty that appears when international airline ticket, it is the tax that government of acting place state collects airline.
The duty of international airline ticket divides roughly it is 3 kinds: Duty of duty of leave a country, pass through the territory of a country, enter a country individual country still has duty the duty of other items. For example the United States, besides have afore-mentioned duty beyond, still have duty of custom royalities, airport, move plant immunity to check cost to wait.
Having some of state of course do not collect tax, resemble China, Philippine waiting for a country do not collect tax. So, if you go to Japan from China, one-way without duty, but go there and back to have duty; Or you set out from Japan the one-way airline ticket that returns China is dutiable, because China did not leave the country,that is duty, japan did not enter a country duty, but Japan has duty of leave a country.
Duty produces change according to buying the exchange rate when airline ticket commonly, why do this buy airline ticket and this to buy airline ticket range last namely the account with same, different however duty. The percentage that differs of course is not large.
In a few countries, some cities have duty, some cities do not have duty, for example Japanese Tokyo, Osaka has duty of leave a country, and Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China does not have duty.

Below what condition can free baggage forehead of the passenger incorporate computation?

2 when Cheng site divides toward same destination or midway before taking same plane or passenger of 2 above person of the same trade or group passenger, no matter the place that whether they take same order and degree, if be in same ground to order the baggage that make use at the same time, its are free baggage forehead can incorporate by number and fare seat level computation.