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Pregnant woman but in order to seize the opportunity?
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Affecting the factor that pregnant woman seizes the opportunity is the space inside low pressure, low oxygen, cabin wait for a condition narrowly. Although research proves what be pregnant in the woman,any period seize the opportunity is safe, but for discreet for the purpose of, normally the regulation is pregnant the healthy pregnant woman of 8 months less than seizes the opportunity to do not have limitation, just check in the check when buying a ticket produce a proof beforehand. Be pregnant the pregnant woman of more than 8 months does not seize the opportunity usually, if have special case, check should be handed in to sign by the doctor inside before seizing the opportunity 72 hours, the “ of affix one's seal of medical treatment unit diagnoses one type of certificate ” 2, content includes passenger full name, age, be pregnant range of expected date of childbirth, journey and date, date, need on machine at seizing the opportunity to reach aptly special take care of etc, fill in at the same time " special fare seizes the opportunity requisition " one type 2, seize the opportunity via the ticket can be being bought after carrier agrees.