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Buy plane ticket what to certificate need?
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Chinese passenger buys a ticket, must offer him dweller id card, fill in " the passenger decides a sheet " ; Foreign tourist, overseas Chinese, harbor, bay, comptatriots of Taiwan buys a ticket. Must show valid passport, card of return to one's native place, card of comptatriots of Taiwan, resident card, the other that viatic card or public security mechanism produce is effective identity document, fill in " the passenger decides a sheet " .
Buy children ticket (two one full year of life - 12 one full year of life) , infantile ticket (less than of two one full year of life) , should offer the valid proof of birth date of children, baby.

The passenger that weigh disease buys a ticket, those who need unit of hold medical treatment to issue is comfortable prove at what seize the opportunity, classics carrier agrees rear can buy a ticket.

Buy the favourable ticket that carrier provides, should offer formulary proof.