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What article prohibits entering a country?
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People's Republic of China prohibits following article enters condition:
1. All sorts of weapons, emulation weapon, ammo and explosive are tasted;

2. Bogus money and forge negotiable securities;

3. Harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture, morality presswork, film, photograph, disc, film, tape, video tape, stimulate wide inspect dish, computer memory medium and other article;

4. All sorts of spirited bane;

5. Opium, herion, herion, marijuana and other can make the person becomes medicaments of the narcotic of addiction, spirit;

6. Contain dangerous and venereal bacterium, pest and other harmful biologic animal, plant and its product;

7. Cultivate of person of be a hindrance to is healthy, come from epidemic disease area and the food with can pestiferous other, medicines and chemical reagents or other article.