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The Jiang Mei inside beautiful sky elder sister is delivered " auspicious cloud
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Country river of witch of aviation elder sister is selected hand of torch of Beijing Olympic Games, will be in on June 17 deliver from the ran on course of relay of guest of tribute — appropriate

Yesterday (17) day, sky of ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest company takes the country Wu Jiang is examined and approve formally through BOCOG, hand of torch of Olympic Games of successful and selected Beijing, will be in on June 17 “ is held on course of relay of Sichuan of torch of Olympic Games of guest of tribute — appropriate oneself torch of auspicious cloud ” undertakes ran is delivered.

Pure inside river girl

Is “ true? Am I selected really? ” is in be informed oneself after ” of hand of torch of selected “2008 Olympic Games, wu Jiang is childish ground pop eye, immediately, laugh bright and clearly.

After Wu Jiang of 25 years old graduates from academy of civil aviaton flight from 2004 this year, become a state a sky of boat southwest company is multiplied, although had been informed oneself hand of torch of selected Olympic Games, but Wu Jiang's self introduction remains: “ I am a country steward of line of international of boat southwest company. ” height she 1.73 meters, sharp words of talking fast person, with the person that she contacts for the first time, think this figure is carried high mostly, the girl with melting smile is northerner, but she is however genuine inside river girl.

“ I am local born and bred inside river person, before going to academy of civil aviaton flight, never had left inside river. ” Wu Jiang says seriously, can be recommended this to regard as hand of Olympic Games torch came true to hide the long already desire in the heart 2008.


Torch hand is a false boy formerly

Long-distance running, shuttlecock, dance, play basketball the interest that …… Wu Jiang speaks of him closes not Pull in your ears! , she says, what oneself love most is long-distance running, no matter have many everyday tired, she can insist run on 30 minutes. When “ goes to school everyday in the evening round playground ran, it is to run commonly 30—50 minute. ”

Wu Jiang says, oneself still like to watch the CBA basket ball game of Liu Xiang hurdle race and home particularly.

“ actually, my disposition very resemble a boy, conversation works to like flat. ” Wu Jiang laughs piquantly: “ since my take an examination ofing went up to be multiplied for nothing, controlled oneself voice automatically. ” stands in the Wu Jiang before the reporter, how to look the ” of “ false boy that unlike herself says, raise one's hand is cast sufficient the one action between one type major is decent, it is so gentle that “ is like Mu Chunfeng ” more between utterance.
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