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Empty elder sister is like the cloud beside he still plays white-collar part
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Sichuan news network - Chengdu business signs up for dispatch yesterday, person of spot of lone white-collar section signing up is enraged still very flourishing. After collective of belle of on afterwards one batch of handsome young men signs up, road of double Nan little hill " Zoo Bar " again 9 young white-collars hurry to the spot. "The activity is very rich, listen to them to say, we are enchanted. " in spot signing up, the reporter still discovers a low-key handsome young man that comes from airline, think associate with the friend of a few other circle.

"The fellow worker of the company is very young, and it is lone mostly, it is OK to carry this activity associate with more friends. " Mr Wu of Zoo Bar says, last week, the elder brother sheathing or bow case of the company, Li Bai and a few girls had signed up, still attended clique of first warm up to be opposite, play very happily, other staffs are very enchanted. Yesterday afternoon, 6 boys of the company and 3 girls came along.

In the person sign up afternoon, the man with handsome, temperament elegant scholar caused an appearance the reporter's attention. Be informed through communication, the handsome young man is called Mark, just passed and stand year, in Chengdu an airline works. Mark says, he works in airline old, although beside have a lot of young and beautiful empty elder sister, but he up to now lone. Mark says, he began to pay close attention to section of this white-collar of taxation form body last year, he thinks the activity is very transparent. Carry the story that reads our newspaper a few days ago, he is informed the lady that will enter an activity very outstanding, the honored guest that sign up comes from all trades and professions, he hopes to be able to pass this activity to enlarge his circle, make a few friends more. (reporter Jian Jiang)