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Aviation grooms the orgnaization takes aim on Yunnan belle is outside action of
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Yesterday, international aviation interconnection is met subordinate Zhuhai circle in the air couplet vocational training school announces to will be saved in me in elder brother recruit 48 sky to take a staff member, via grooming pusher Jian is carried abroad airline works. The reporter understands, with domestic airline action empty elder sister differs, international boat couplet is recruiting a standard to go up to relax somewhat, for example height can be 160 centimeters, the age relaxes to 28 years old.

As we have learned, international aviation interconnection can be the blame profitability organization that is world each airline technically to provide a service, the 10 many association with world aviation domain and many 150 airline have long-term partner concern, zhuhai circle in the air couplet vocational training school is its accredit is what world each airline carries aviation staff member to groom in home orgnaization.

According to introducing, come this Yunnan plans to recruit 48 sky to take a staff member, time signing up is the 2-3 day of next month certainly, the place is in Kunming city talent market, the personnel of interview qualification will be unified go to Zhuhai grooming the major that base has 4 months grooms, a couplet chief of a tribe will be recommended after graduation the international airline such as airline works, yearly salary level is controlled in 200 thousand yuan.