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Empty elder sister takes part in the match flow of player qualification examine
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One, phase signing up

1, sign up (came on September 28, 2007 on November 15)

Through mailing means signs up, provide the following data signing up please:

The society applies for personnel to offer Id photocopy please, graduation card photocopy, photocopy of home page of booklet of registered residence of the person that sign up, him page, change page, police station of seat of registered permanent residence opens prove Xerox without criminal record;

The this year's graduates offerred photocopy of Id photocopy, student's identification card please 2008, Xerox proves in school performance and one's status as a student. (All photocopy all need to use A4 paper)

Mail address: Beijing arranges Zhu of justice area day to press down the road austral village of small king laborious talent of phoenix of 10 Beijing gold communicates finite liability company (“ is made clear to apply for Olympic Games sky to multiply ” please on the envelope)

Zip code: 101312

(Because newspaper celebrity number is numerous, excuse me of data signing up is not returned)

2, qualificatory first trial (finish before November 20, 2007)

The company is right the relevant aptitude circumstance of personnel signing up undertakes preliminary examine and verify, inform staff signing up first trial result with email means.

2, phase of trials of cent competion area

Qualification test of trials of cent competion area (came on November 27, 2007 on December 21)

Personnel of qualification of qualificatory first trial enters minute of competion area choose, player him basis surpasses division into districts to divide each competion area to attend trials, carry the following data to show up undertake qualificatory reconsideration:

The society applies for personnel to carry Id original, graduation card original, booklet of registered residence please, without criminal record proof, resume;

The this year's graduates carried Id, student's identification card please 2008, proof of one's status as a student, resume is reached in school performance.