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Invite applications for a job of empty elder sister changes the industry that ch
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Apply for undergraduate of empty elder sister to occupy 7 into

Attract 1000 handsome young men beautiful female final 50 people are seleted

The sky that Shenzhen airline is in houses of 8 big Guan Bin yesterday is met by invite applications for a job, attracted more than 1000 handsome young man that comes from countrywide each district beautiful female come round to apply for, finally only 50 people crossed first try to close. Many big 2, big 3 students tell a reporter, the purpose that will apply for basically is for bright the year after next apply for " actual combat " search " feeling " .

Yesterday morning, the reporter is in 8 close small auditorium to see greatly, through the in threes and fours of belle of handsome young man that dresses up meticulously, having awaitinging the first close -- height is measured. Introduce according to Wei Hua of Guo of division of resources of Shenzhen aviation manpower, this deep boat invite applications for a job chose Dalian, Qingdao, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, Beijing 10 " teem with " the city of belle handsome young man.

On registration form signing up, the reporter sees, the person that sign up is given priority to with the undergraduate, also have come from Tianjin, Heibei and provincial of other city go to a graduate, and going up big 2, big the undergraduate of 3 was occupied 70% . The Liu Jing Xin of Qingdao university tells a reporter, "Although entered a second-round exam finally, I also do not go certainly, I want to complete school work first, the purpose that come wants to search namely search ' feeling ' , attend for the year after next apply for prepare. Attend for the year after next apply for prepare..