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Deep boat " hot girl " the warmth that characteristic crew lets you feel the hom
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August 27, 2007 afternoon 4 when make, ZH9973 flies to the takeoff with the smooth in spit airliner of Chengdu by Shenzhen! This second airliner and former days differ somewhat, because execute this second airliner mission, is to come from Shenzhen airline to take Wu department the Sichuan of 2 branch is special
Crew of characteristic of ” of lubricious “ hot girl, they are the steward of Sichuan book and Chongqing book. Before load, steward people still hanged burning chili to string together in cabin, let whole cabin add the flavor of a lot of home town immediately! All steward people using highest enthusiasm and smile, the villagers of elders of a country or district of the passenger —— Sichuan that welcoming them!

Steward people communicate with respect to actively and old person and child when the passenger boards the plane, fear they understand mandarin not, steward people went up to indicate specially in the post on the passenger's dress, with going to the lavatory all steward can identify, and offer them the dialectal service of the most convenient warmth! When crew introduction, multiplying Wu to grow is the passenger that the characteristic introduction of will whole group gives complete cabin more, the Sichuan passengers in encouraging cabin with steward “ the word of communication —— home town of 0 distances ” communicates!

After meal serves an end, live to abound everybody's journey, crew prepared meticulously technically still for all passengers a series of activity, yan Jian does organic upper part personally and have award guess. Be worth what carry is, that day there still is child of 8 unmanned companies on the airliner, great majority comes from Sichuan, their lively and lovely disposition, make this activity more vivid and interesting, have a fourth Ling girl that be called among them, lovely and easy, it is to be offended very steward people and all round the passenger's jubilation, be in between the service inside sing again jump again. Then, she is activity of the setting-up exercise on the machine that shared us more below the encouragement in us in, should remove a “ small get ” of the member that hold.

The setting-up exercise on the machine that day and former days different, grow the Sichuan word of a standard in opening remarks introduction by Wu: “ fellow-townsman people you are good! ” caused the resonance of passengers, everybody or it is the newspaper in dropping a hand, or was to stop to chat, or it is to open drowsy eye, look around surprizingly in succession all around, crew sees the enthusiasm of passengers has been brought into play to rise. Then, dialectal setting-up exercise guides next beginning actively in what get the member that hold!

After setting-up exercise passes, be dialectal PK contest! Steward people prepared title of a few dialectal guess and elegant little souvenir for the passenger. Original title lets a passenger be interested fully, a lot of children are in of the parent encourage below, go in front will answer a question, of babyish mood and standard
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