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Singapore comes Anhui action takes mothball staff for nothing
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Yesterday, suffer interconnection of Singapore international aviation to be able to be entrusted, zhuhai city circle in the air limited company of business affairs of couplet international aviation will save talent market, preparation will recruit 48 sky to take mothball staff in my province on November 11.

Zhuhai circle in the air Ping Wei of vise general manager introduces couplet, domestic airline pays attention to the appearance condition of empty elder sister very much when invite applications for a job, and foreign airline is a few more comfortable to the requirement of appearance condition, pay attention to the immanent accomplishment such as consciousness of psychological quality, affinity, service more. The interview focal point that takes mothball staff this for nothing is put on integrated quality and English ability. Have service industry or experience of aviation industry work, age admiral relaxes somewhat.

According to the regulation, what after recruiting personnel to admit, need to go to Zhuhai to pass 4 months is enclosed groom, again by outside ship company undertakes interview is assessed, after carrying assessment, ability makes a formal international air elder sister. Among them, groom charge twenty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan, groom salary of mount guard the year after next is top can amount to 240 thousand yuan, the obtain employment outside 100% conditions.

As we have learned, invite applications for a job had preliminary examination that day, first try basically is figure of body, eyesight, whole wait. First try hind defines second-round exam list, the gift of tongues that inspects applicant and integrated quality will be stressed when the second-round exam.

This second invite applications for a job needs to carry 2 inches of original of card of grade of card of individual Id, record of formal schooling, English and photocopy, color to register according to reach 4 inches of lives to illuminate each 2 pieces, Chinese and English resume. Play woman of interview personnel requirement, 18 ~ is 30 the age years old, height 160 ~ 172 centimeters, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, correctional eyesight is in double eye 1 above, healthy can. Advisory phone: 13377868150. (Mu Xia)