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Hang Lairong enrols 28 empty elder sister south 1000 belles are crowded exploded
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(Xiang Ning of photography of plum of reporter the first month) enrol 28 empty elder sister, the person that came to 1000 sign up. Yesterday (10) day, action sky multiplies Na Hang to pull open heavy curtain formally in Chengdu, day of head of invite applications for a job, the belle that is emerged is crowded explode examination room, your Na Hang's personage breathes out greatly “ is overcome ” .

In the morning 8 when, leave take an examination of time to still have 1 hour, the ground already discharged the person dragon that removed 200 meters before abstruse group hall, vogue is completely in the team beautiful beautiful the girl. 8 when 30 minutes, person dragon already discharged the door outside, admit by examination the group decides to shift to an earlier date to take an examination of.

“ did not think of to be able to come so much person. Mr. Zhao that ” is in charge of upholding spot order brushs sweat to say at the same time at the same time: “ I am preliminary statistic, light is this morning emited many pieces of 600 signal, add fluctuation midday have 1000 much people fully! ” introduces according to Luo Man of controller of Na Hang medium, with action sky multiplies photograph comparing before, this action is multiplied for nothing broke limitation of registered permanent residence above all, girl of rural number of households and total population can attend choose first, because this attracted the girl of not little village,come round to sign up.

In the first try yesterday, because “ smile ” closes to be washed out directly nevertheless,have nearly 200 beautiful eyebrow. Mix now tomorrow, na Hang will be right the test that the standard empty a general term for young women that enters a second-round exam has culture and psychological quality.