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A beauty little sister carries Ren Ao torch hand childhood dreams to become empt
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Information times will report Er of ” of little sister of a beauty of “ of network a favourite by sb in power on October 4 Mayina, went to Fosan a few days ago city of Nanhai movie and TV, with the audience 0 distances interact contact, reveal oneself singing besides the spot, she also mentions the feeling after becoming famous to the reporter.

Mayina expresses Er, oneself never had wanted to be able to become famous. “ in one's childhood dream twice even if do an empty elder sister or soldier. Although the life after ” has his moment nevertheless also makes her very happy however busily, I am in “ the airport queues up to go up be identified when closet, she is pointing to me to say ‘ you are a beauty little sister, then you discharge me rapidly in front. Mayina laugh wears ” Er say, “ does not cross me what to still do not have plan really to future, because life always plans to grow, change is sharp. ” is current, mayina also begins Er comprehensive ” develops “ , the new record that popularity and ethical element coexist already was in transcribe, be about to receive the motion picture that takes subject matter of a minority and ancient costume teleplay next. To oneself style, she states a lot of people hope she is depended on
Take the course of minority like that, “ but I hope my play path can be some wider, otherwise the market will be very small. ” speaks of Beijing Olympic Games, mayina says Er oneself dream to do volunteer of an Olympic Games all the time. Next, she participates in the exclusive delegate that serves as the Qiang nationality the transcribe of column of Olympic Games of first gear of Beijing TV station, “ does not pass more those who make me glad is, next year I will transfer those who attend Olympic Games torch the activity in June, make hand of a torch. ”