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Jing fetch: The child with unripe one-night standing of empty elder sister becom
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An added ingredient: Mention empty elder sister, what appear in people brain often is the uniform with their beautiful and decent dress, carrying box bag to move back and forth at the world each are big the airport, busy Yumomi the beautiful image of headroom. The amour of empty elder sister, a beautiful and romantic fairy tale story often is in the novel. Empty elder sister ases if to should marry wealthy person, marry a tortoise husband.

In man eye, one word has empty elder sister exceeding allure. In reality, the much appearance with the affection true life of empty elder sister is colorful, be full of passion? This period love affair, china western network reporter has favour to interview Ni of king of empty elder sister, her love story can give you a special answer.

knot of Yue of two affection photograph connects Shi Qingmei a bamboo stick used as a toy horse manage

(China western network reporter Zhang Shu) the international line sky that Wang Ni is domestic some airline is multiplied, she although the skin is not very white, but have two beautiful small dimple, the figure is even and concave and convex have qualitative. Right now Wang Ni, put down multiply what must ask for nothing dish of hair, optional curl silk silk is twining her snow-white neck, set off gets Wang Ni's appearance
More show delicate.

My love experience says “ to let a person cannot be accepted a bit, but feeling this kind of thing, everybody does not expect, everybody is prevented. The thing that perhaps people thinks to happen impossibly, often meet however bona fide experiences somebody one time ……” Wang Ni is inclined overdo to laughing slightly, her sound ray is very gentle, the exterior that is like her gives a person in that way with comfortable and cheerful feeling.

“ the husband Zhou Tao that my first love is me, he is I play together as a child, the green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse that is troubled by together. Say not boastfully, before a few years, zhou Tao still is a handsome young man! Breathe out those who breathe out ……” Wang Ni to recount ability to just started, she already for many times court reporter is sweet smile, this tender empty elder sister is worthy of be highest grade woman. “ Zhou Tao is bigger than me two years old, bilateral parents is the friendship spanning for generations that is the same as an unit, it is the old person that good temperament has accomplishment. First resolve takes an examination of Zhou Tao passenger flight is long, can be in our at that time, get more strictly than now to the eyesight requirement of plane pilot much, zhou Tao was washed out because of myopia. In him then the deal with of pa falls, zhou Tao was entered special the traffic check branch that be very popular works, how to come down surely at this point. And my criterion is in of Zhou Tao encourage below, chose to enter oneself for an examination multiply for nothing, got the profession of this envy letting a person. ”
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