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Bank card balance to get tickets to over 10 million
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At noon yesterday, Fuzhou Xu met a strange thing, he ordered a ticket through the website, after paying the reservation fee of 1,000 yuan, the website customer service told Mr. Xu, want to get tickets, the need to prepare a card balance of more than 10 million bank cards. Fortunately, Mr. Xu in time that this was a hoax, it only took a bite. According to Mr. Xu introduced yesterday, he had an online booking discounted airline tickets to Jinan, Fuzhou, reservation, the site prompted to dial 400 at the beginning of Mr. Xu free telephone customer service personnel. In the customer service officer, he was transferred by way of ATM machines, pay the ticket costs 1,000 yuan. When Mr. Xu again call the customer service calls, customer service personnel told Mr. Xu ticket payment successfully, but want to get tickets, but also need to prepare an amount of at least six-figure credit card balances. Believed Mr. Xu, customer service personnel in accordance with "instructions", holding to the ATM machine bank card before, when the other person asked Mr. Xu click "Kaka Transfer" button, the suspicion aroused Mr. Xu, he immediately interrupted operation and alarm . Later on, contact the Web site, the other is not Dali. Police said it was a very obvious phishing, all kinds of people book the tickets through the network need to be cautious, try to select the "Delivery" form, if necessary through a third party to pay, should choose a good network of credibility payment institutions. If you choose the first payment for the tickets of the trading patterns, customer service staff to be alert to the so-called "instruction" form of operations, to avoid being cheated.