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Shijiazhuang was a lie to the public network airline tickets nearly 3,000 duck
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Now online shopping has become a new way to shop the people of Shijiazhuang. However, in December 1, Shijiazhuang City, Ms. Zhang found website from the Internet to purchase tickets cheated of nearly 3,000, had to re-order the regular plane ticket. - Online ticket purchase is "Fudge" The very fact that the December 1, the manager allowed to buy a ticket to Chengdu. She will be in online search for "Shijiazhuang ticket", click into the azure air ticketing web site, and called the customer service phone. One man told a southern accent speaking, there is the Spring and Autumn Airlines round-trip ticket, so Ms. Zhang went to the bank with online banking or transfer ticket counter, the system will transfer after the success of text messages sent successfully purchased tickets, when passengers holding identity cards and mobile phones information at the airport can board the plane. By managers eager to travel, the very fact ask the manager to quickly transfer money to a designated account. But Ms. Zhang has not received the message successfully order tickets, "they say to 'bank interaction', simply look at the ATM machine operation, ticket information will be sent to the phone, then you can check with the information. Press it said, I turn the money from the ATM machine will be out. " This time, the very fact that messages have not received booking success, she immediately call the ticket hotline Shijiazhuang Airport and learned that the aircraft did not that time. "I again call to each other, they said: 'We would also like to eat, you have the time to report it.' Section plus two roundtrip transfer money, a total of 2,960 yuan cheated." Ms. Zhang said depressed. - Press survey, the site is still running The afternoon of Dec. 4, journalists from the Internet to the Sky Blue Air ticketing network, then called the hotline, said to set a December 4 tickets to Chengdu, Shijiazhuang. A man with a southern accent, said, 14:10 a group of Spring Airlines 3 discount ticket, the fare for the 380, can be purchased by bank transfer. For the possibility of buying through a third party payment tools, the man said: "Now our system is being upgraded, Paypal, money paid through third parties such as payment instruments are not available." Reporter then questioned why buy air tickets for a friend being cheated this time, The man said: "our website for years, how can you say so" and then hung up. - Tickets should be through formal channels On the matter, Shijiazhuang airport staff said there was no sky blue airline ticketing company, airport ticket sales through its own outlets airport, in addition to the airport, only 4 of Shijiazhuang Airport Air ticket outlets, respectively, in the Civil Aviation Hotel, United States Dong C, 1st Floor, China Minmetals Building, Huai An Road and South Street intersection Friendship Road, 200 meters south east. Meanwhile, Spring Airlines ticket office staff said that there are two ways to purchase, one at the ticket outlets to purchase --- Civil Aviation Hotel, followed by Spring Airlines official website can log tickets. In this regard, a reporter reminded the public that the regular ticket outlets to purchase as much as possible in order to avoid being cheated.