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Said to be carrying passengers boarding domestic airport bomb flights were dela
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November 16 afternoon, visitors Liaomou Changbei Airport in Nanchang, Jiangxi boarding lied with a "bomb", resulting in flight delays for nearly an hour, Civil Aviation Airport Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province administrative detention imposed according to their 5-day punishment. Opened before the plane took off "bomb joke" At 14:50 on the 16th or so, Changbei Airport ZH9292 Nanchang Nanchang to Shenzhen by the waiting passengers boarding flights. When visitors Liaomou to board a flight when the cabin door in the arms pointing to the folder where the piece of luggage on the peer Friends said luggage carrying a "bomb." Hear the conversation the two men, standing on the side of the crew immediately reported the matter to the captain. The captain immediately informed of the emergency to the airport and decided to suspend the take-off, ask the flight of all passengers, cargo and mail back then Subject to inspection. Fully eliminate security risks Airport After receiving notification, Changbei Airport immediately start emergency response plans. Mobilization of police rushed to the scene the first time, the men claimed to have bombs and vaginal discharge accompanied by a companion aircraft. Subsequently, the machine more than 160 passengers on the other Also under the guidance of staff to service the plane after another. The course of the next machine, some travelers said they did not understand, to service the staff patiently explained to visitors, tourists emotional comfort and smooth to persuade travelers to re-board the plane. Airport police on a thorough inventory of the cabin. The Careful investigation, the aircraft was found on the suspected explosives. The flight took off safely after 58 minutes delay. Kidding man arrested 5 days This name open the "bomb" joke of the passengers back to the airport by the police then Liaomou Public Security Bureau. It is understood that Liaomou 39, ready to take the plane to go home the same day. According to Liaomou introduction, when he was to board a flight because the hand Overweight luggage on the baggage accompanied by a friend joked that there "bomb." Liaomou how he never imagined that because of his joke, not only toss the airport police, security personnel, but also to their "torment" into the classroom. According to the "PRC Public Security Administration Law," the second Fifteen first paragraph of the behavior of passengers suspected of fictitious facts Liaomou disturbing public order, was sentenced to detention of five days according to law and order punishment.