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Xinjiang Civil Aviation communications network company successfully passed the
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November 4 -5, Xinjiang Civil Aviation Communications Networks received Mark Certification Group Co., Ltd. Xinjiang expert review group on the company ISO9001: 2008 quality management system review, and passed the audit. The two-day review, is the company in 2009 after the implementation of Quality Management System the second surveillance audit. Outside expert to review test basis, according to new system standards, the four functions of the company and three operating sectors of the work flow, production records, management of documents, quality records for a detailed review. During the review process, the company actively cooperate with the trial department, provide the necessary time to examine documents, records and other materials, carefully review group of experts to answer questions. After review, the convening of the audit closing meeting, the expert review group led to the company informed the audit results, the first new version of the company quality system management and other aspects of the operation and gave full recognition that the company's engineering specifications and has greatly improved the management of the quality system operation is appropriate and effective, the process has been effectively controlled all, especially for management attention and sense of quality to give a high evaluation. At the same time the relevant departments in the company's information collection, analysis of rectification and other details of the work put forward suggestions for improvement. The implementation of ISO9001 quality management system the company 5 years, the overall running well. External oversight through the annual audit, not only to timely and effective manner of Existence found that some deficiencies and problems, and improve work efficiency, improved management of refinement, the company's quality management ladder, and the work more standardized for the company effective operation of the business has provided a guarantee.