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Discount tickets false took the opportunity to make money the passengers afte
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Shangyu travel from Chengdu to Mr Yuen, online airline ticket to find a company, then call 400 at the beginning of free telephone bookings, booked a Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Chengdu from the ticket, but when he put 770 dollars to import After each account specified below do not have it, Mr. Yuan to realize that his fools. Reporter learned yesterday from the police, a number of lawless elements in the guise of the name of selling discount tickets, use of "400" telephone numbers beginning with airline customer service hotline, posing, tickets are lured to their accounts to send money. From June to now, the city and Hangzhou, Huzhou, Wenzhou and other places cheated dozens of cases of air ticket booking. Police issued this warning to remind the general public to buy online discount airline tickets carefully. Recently, Ms. Tu Zhuji to go to Shenzhen for two clients to work, then found an online booking site, and contacted a network called "tickets Little Prince" of users, the two sides negotiated the price of two tickets 1,600 yuan. In the afternoon, Miss Tu cash import in accordance with other requirements of the Construction Bank a username called "Wu Xiaojun," the account number. May be too soon, there is a ticket agent to call Dunning Miss Tu fare, which makes Ms. Tu was surprised, she immediately realized that there are problems Wu Xiaojun, Wu Xiaojun so quickly to the call, you can not contact already. This reporter learned that, in addition to these crooks defrauding ticket money, some of them to buy air tickets in the name of the serial fraud. If Miss Wang Hangzhou to Shenzhen in WWW.TOURDAO.COM query Southern Airlines phone number (4006889298), and with each other, a man made contact, that want to net purchases a ticket from Hangzhou to Shenzhen, the two sides settled the price of two 840 dollars. Miss Wang cash to import the other account, the other called a binding agreement companies and banks, so that Miss Wang insert the bank card on ATMs, according to requirements of operation. Miss Wang sleepwalk did, the results of a total loss of 6,008 yuan. Police said the suspect first of these fake websites through cheap air tickets can be purchased information to the phone when booking the victim, asked the victim to go into their designated account on airline tickets, and other victims cheated when the opportunity found in the airport, then called in the past they do not pick the phone. Police said that because of the confusion of these booking sites is very strong, resulting in many young people deceived. Police advise, purchase airline tickets travel to choose the regular ticketing agents. Order tickets by phone or online should first verify the qualifications of each other, do not be fooled by low prices. In addition, the 400 at the beginning of the call can not easily believe. Some Internet users also Weapon, said on telephone bookings may wish to search, if there are problems of numbers, users will have reflected, so that you can prevent fraud. Police said they will strengthen the monitoring of network information, concerns the same type found on the network to other fake sites. In addition, they would work with banks, post offices and other financial units to communicate, inform the case, the linkage with the financial sector, making the victim to see through the process of remittance and transfer fraud.