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Chinese Oriental aviation purchases plane load accentuation below governmental d
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Chinese Oriental airline (” of Dong Hang of “ of the following abbreviation) announced on January 30, 2008, this company had been signed with American Boeing company buy 30 Boeing 737 model the agreement of the plane. This company had ordered 15 new-style Boeing 787 model plane, still plan to purchase 10 airbuses A320 aircraft from European airbus company.

Although Dong Hang advocate the deficit of business Wu grows no longer, but capital have enough to meet need is not bounteous, plane load accentuation is bought in what governmental dominant falls. Improve financial standing already no time to delay.

Dong Hang holds some cash balance to be many yuan 20 by September 2007. Than going up year of the corresponding period reduced 30% above. Main reason is in business cash flow (Cash Flow) below the circumstance of shade, had vigorous investment to the equipment such as the plane continuously.

Purchase below the case that goes tall continuously in fuel price light the new-style plane with outstanding effect, it is the effective strategy that improves earnings really. Nevertheless, although this company with annual the speed of 2 digit enlarges shipping dimensions, but the line that has many gain all up