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Civil aviaton total bureau and be in Beijing unit of each directly under to disa
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From civil aviaton total bureau learns, end on Feburary 4 afternoon 4 when, civil aviaton total bureau receives total bureau mechanism and unit of directly under is in Beijing in all 801126 yuan of contribution of broad cadre worker. Gao Hongfeng of deputy director general of civil aviaton total bureau will reach office of civil aviaton total bureau unit of directly under is in Beijing on Feburary 5 many yuan of 80 contribution of broad cadre worker sent civil administration the department. Leader of civil administration department expresses, will as soon as possible exactly the amount gives disaster area people contribution pass on.

Come day after day, in make sure aviation carries unobstructed hammer and tongs while, broad cadre worker adopts civil aviaton system everyday the newest case that media understanding fights calamity to provide disaster relief, express to want in succession oneself can help stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses. After hearing stricken be hit by a natural adversity area to be badly in need of the message of drive cold content, some comrades are divided already was outside unit contribution, the orgnaization such as beneficent association of city of direct still and northerly capital contributed cotton-padded clothes quilt.