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First airliner was in charter flight of cross-strait Spring Festival 2008 Shang
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This morning (2 days) 10 when, the MU5007 airliner of the Oriental airline of first airliner —— of charter flight of Spring Festival of 8 years of two sides, be fully loaded with 298 passengers to take off from Shanghai Pudong airport.

The engine room of this A330 plane is fought by word of couplet, New Year picture, blessing waiting dress up anew, be permeated with the festive atmosphere that spend the New Year everywhere, still increased to wear in cabin trichromatic the Tang Dynasty the steward of outfit serves for the passenger, let a passenger stepped into a plane to experience thick “ year flavour ” .

Since Feburary 2, shanghai Pudong International Airport will begin to carry out the job that boat of Shanghai of charter flight of cross-strait Spring Festival chooses. According to the plan, executive time is the Spring Festival charter flight that Shanghai boat nods this year to will come 6 days on Feburary 2, on Feburary 8, will come 15 days on Feburary 11, in all 11 days, this will be 2003 since carry out charter flight of cross-strait Spring Festival the 5th times.

This year, the 186 sortie of 93 airliners that two sides shares 12 airline go back and forth between Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Taipei, Kaohsiung 6 cities. The charter flight of cross-strait Spring Festival that Shanghai boat nods will have two sides 100 sortie go back and forth between 50 airliners of 8 airline Shanghai and Taipei, Kaohsiung, 54% what occupy gross of charter flight of cross-strait Spring Festival.

From Feburary 2 - - 15 days this year during Spring Festival charter flight, dong Hang uses safe and comfortable A330 series aircraft to execute the flight number going there and back that 12 Pudong reach Taipei in all, add up to 24 airliners, become again enlist the airline with most flight of cross-strait charter flight.

Considering weather of snow of near future wind, dong Hang already took “ transport power preferential, deice dredge is preferential, preferential the 3 safeguard measure of ” , ensure safety of charter flight of cross-strait Spring Festival is successful. During the Spring Festival, dong Hang will continue to act as agent 14 Taiwan China boat, airliners that establish each airline such as flourish, China letter, the ground safeguard that is in Shanghai Pudong airport, plane carries travel and machine Wu defend the work, offer plane deice, navigational fairs to sign clique, equipment to fall for its the service project such as a choice.