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Dong Hang is held working conference emphasized an Olympic Games serving safegua
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On January 13, 2008, dong Hang was held worked 2008 the conference, undertook comprehensive deploy to working 2008. This year, dong Hang improves put forth effort safe quality, promote gain capability, abstract brand connotation, propose working innovation, hard compose builds harmonious business.

In a year of in the past, ceaseless tamp safety manages Dong Hang foundation, achieved safe goal, transformed sale concept, make each production manages index to present good growth trend, realized gain. In the meantime, creativity ground rolled out Dong Hang the activity of brigade ” series that the culture in sky of east of “ of brand of service of the appreciation in sky experiences, exploration is built and promote Dong Hang the new thinking of service brand. To reduce airliner incur loss through delay, dong Hang increased the assessment strength that airliner on schedul works last year, the responsibility that works the airliner normally refines each boat station, fulfil every level, make airliner percent of punctuality gets great promotion, the airliner is led normally rank in company of 3 big groups the first, the passenger is complained rate for extremely 0.011, for the lowest in company of 3 big groups.

2008 is an Olympic Games year, dong Hang puts safe service in the job weighs medium serious place this year. Secure job will catch a standard to move with “ , pay way construction, catch skill to groom ” gives priority to a line, establish mechanism of effect of safe movement president, improve safe moving quality. Servive routine will continue to introduce advanced service concept, perfect service system. Can go up in the job, special requirement faculty should strengthen Dong Hang service consciousness, arrive from inside sky the ground, arrive from basic level mechanism, want to establish service consciousness and group consciousness, accomplish “ truly complete member serve for passenger ” , perfect administrative technological process, realize servive routine standardization and standardization, it is business affairs course to serve a standard with ” of express of “ Beijing Shanghai, progressively promotion comes Dong Hang is all the course that enter capital.

This year, dong Hang still will explore culture week new form actively, gift the brigade ” that the culture in “ Oriental sky experiences the connotation with this one more rich brand, make change to the brand, special subject is changed, the way that benefit changes develops. Job of airliner on schedul will make the focal point in servive routine, in a new year, dong Hang will develop AOC centre function adequately, strengthen information communication, reasonable allocate resource, with the airliner regular job assesses detailed rules to be grasper, fulfil relevant responsibility, whole raises Dong Hang airliner to enter the percent of punctuality of capital scheduled flight especially, ceaseless and perfect abnormal airliner deals with beforehand case. On service detail, dong Hang will pay attention to individuation to serve, continue to perfect “ passenger of two cabin ” , constant passenger, special fare serves, the key does good each district to enter service of capital scheduled flight, feed with the eat on machine, things is deployed, recreational system is breach, make the cabin hardware environment with decorous grade. In ensure safe, improve service grade while, dong Hang returns market of will farther press close to, raise sale ability and earnings level hard, for the abidance of the enterprise development creates good motive force.
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