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Airliner of Chun Yunzeng of old airport of Shanxi Taiyuan fierce adds charter fl
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In new Shanxi net on Feburary 4 report to give visit his family during the Spring Festival, the advantage that the people of travel offers a travel, old International Airport decides Taiyuan fierce this year spring airliner, charter flight increases during carry in all 69, increase a flight number among them 61, travel charter flight 8, you Donghang, Na Hang and Xiamen Airline 3 airline hold fly. First line that increases a flight number was on January 27 the Fuzhou of Xiamen Airline - Hangzhou - Taiyuan - Hangzhou - Fuzhou course.

As we have learned, the line that adds airliner, charter flight this year basically has 3 flow direction: It is big talk, 3 inferior direction, the people that travels in order to go to the lavatory to south; 2 it is direction of Fuzhou, lukewarm city, basically be the Fujian businessman that goes to the lavatory to be in business in Shanxi comes home spend the New Year; 3 it is direction of Bangkok, Hong Kong, convenient people leaves the country travel. In addition, the direction such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Guilin also increased a few flight numbers. (Origin: Shanxi daily; Li Bing of fencing annals peak)