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Chongqing 114 airliners by incur loss through delay or cancel
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On Feburary 3, move of weather of ice and snow reached airport of Ning Bo, Hangzhou, 4 flight numbers that cause Chongqing to go back and forth between this two ground cancel entirely. In addition, 110 airliners that Chongqing goes back and forth between at and other places of Changsha, Nanjing, Wen Zhou, big talk also incur loss through delay, airport of Chongqing of pass in and out of about 12 thousand passengers is affected. After airliner incur loss through delay, staff member of Airports and Airways Agency gives in time stop to deal with return a ticket or autograph to turn in the passenger of Chongqing sequel.

As we have learned, airliner of harbor of Chongqing airport pass in and out 383, work overtime 72, charter flight 8, approach passenger has nearly 20 thousand person, among them 300 “ mail ” children, all be spring since carry a most day. (Origin: Paralysis of She warm up?