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Airport of Guangzhou white cloud explodes again 10 thousand passengers give big
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18 airport switch of countrywide, more than 10000 passengers do not have predestined relationship airliner

Suffer catchment of the Yangtse River to last influence of pluvial snow weather, when leaving when airport of domestic each district, shut, yesterday, airport of Guangzhou white cloud lasts incur loss through delay of large area airliner. Up to now, white cloud airport executed 413 flight numbers in all yesterday, cancel a scheduled flight 45, airliner of incur loss through delay 118, again 669 passengers cannot go out normally row. Together with on Feburary 1 6125 passengers of keep long in stock, at present airport of Guangzhou white cloud still has more than 10000 passengers to give a suffocate suffocate. This has been spring the 2nd round of when white cloud airport erupts since carry big incur loss through delay.

Direction of Hunan Ji Huadong suffers influence and before a few days of heavy snow to bring about partial airport round-the-clock shut different is, this soup affects time not to grow to partial airport, if Nanchang airport is shut yesterday 13 ∶ 00, hangzhou airport shuts 18 ∶ 00, but this also is a good news to the urgent passenger that come home.

Statistic shows, the airport declare that there are large quantities of cities yesterday morning is shut. Be like yesterday morning 10 ∶ 00, hefei, Ning Bo, shut without the airport such as stannum, Changzhou, Nantong, justice black, Hangzhou, Nanchang, 9 rivers, copper benevolence. Although Changsha airport is opened, but receive 2 aircrafts only hourly to approach flight number. Pudong airport stops seat number insecurity, 11 ∶ 00 before receive 3 aircrafts only hourly. Up to yesterday afternoon 3 ∶ 30, cupreous benevolence, 9 rivers, Nanchang, Changsha, Huang Shan, justice black, Ning Bo, Hangzhou, enlighten celebrate, bridge of Hefei, Jingdezhen, Nantong, Changzhou, Chengdu, rainbow, Pudong, Nanjing, when when waiting for 18 airports without stannum, leaving, shut.

But photograph comparing rises, the situation of justice black airport is more bad. As a result of pluvial snow soup, justice black airport will be shut up to now day, because Guangzhou sends 5 airliners toward justice black to cancel entirely this yesterday, accumulative total stops the passenger is close 800.

Current, except Hunan and Hua Dong piece the area is affected an airliner to cannot rise normally by sleet fall, southwesterly Chengdu, Chongqing, beijing, northeast airliner is carried out normally.

Passenger mood rises to fall greatly greatly

18 airports leave a little while to close a little while, make the spot the state of mind of many passengers is great cases big fall. The message that “ asks about a hour ago is to be able to conduct boarding check, glad move feels OK to fly, who knows to still be done not have board the plane mouth, be pullbacked to come again, miss Zhou that said the airport closed 1 to taking boarding check helplessly again is adopting two years old of children in the bosom, very helpless. Reporter yesterday morning 10 when in await machine Lou Sanlou to set out hall sees, will deal with a value before the passenger of machine formalities has been compared two days to decrease greatly.
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