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Civil aviaton total bureau: Cancel red-eyed scheduled flight limitation is scatt
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Yinghui) civil aviaton total bureau released an information yesterday, total bureau already cancelled everyday before dawn came to prohibited at 6 o'clock at 2 o'clock the limitation of airliner of passenger transport of airline moving country, below the premise that carries out safe level strictly, schedule airline filling class, overwork flight in time, active and scattered keep long in stock and stop passenger.

As we have learned, on Feburary 1, civil aviaton arranges the airport with passenger serious keep long in stock to work overtime in all, charter flight airliner more than 200. Current, civil aviaton is preparing the goods and materials fighting calamity such as car of boat oil, derv, deice and deice fluid actively about the unit each, goods and materials of seasonable compensatory lash-up is laid in, in order to answer new round microtherm rain snow puts aspic weather on the ice.