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Cross-strait Spring Festival wrapped prow to approve mainland flight to arrive a
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On Feburary 2 morning, boat of Shanghai of charter flight of cross-strait Spring Festival nods MU5 of Dong Hang of first airliner —— 7 times 00 this year airliner, risking the infrequent wind snow that did not encounter 10 several years, after passing special deice program take off smoothly from Shanghai Pudong airport. The graph boards the plane smoothly in Shanghai Pudong airport for comptatriots of Taiwan. China News Service sends Pansuofei to photograph

Taipei of China News Service on Feburary 2 report (Xu Changan of reporter Geng Jun) the flight of first mainland that carries out charter flight of Spring Festival of 8 years of 00 2 two sides arrives at peach garden smoothly today International Airport, this is from 2 3 years 00 since of charter flight of Spring Festival of the 5th two sides carry out.

The Hainan aviation that takes off by Beijing 2 days morning (600221 prices, ) HU7987 airliner, fly to peach garden airport midday. Take this to wear Boeing 737- - 8 00 model when more than 100 Taiwan businessmen of the plane and spouses walk out of the airport, express, spend the New Year to can coming home on time feel very happy.

Oriental aviation (600115 prices, ) the MU5 that the company carries out charter flight of Spring Festival of first Shanghai stage 007 7 airliners, afternoon 2 when the left and right sides reachs peach garden airport. Take this to wear A33 0- 3 00 model of the plane have 299 Taiwan businessmen and family member, the partial person in them shows, pudong airport accumulates Man Houhou's ice and snow today, the airport organized manpower to have deice snow to plane and runway about the branch, with today Pudong airport many international airliner is cancelled to be compared, they touch Taipei to feel gratified very to taking charter flight to be able to be returned on time today. The wind of actor high approach that returns a stage from Shanghai says, shanghai area heavy snow is ceaseless, airport accumulated snow is very deep, take off to make cross-strait charter flight successful, airport authorities early in the morning shovels snow, ensure Spring Festival charter flight preferential take off.

Shanghai shared 3 Spring Festival charter flight that fly to Taipei 2 days that day, among them two are carried out by Oriental aviation, by Shanghai aviation (600591 prices, ) carry out.