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International aviation seizes the opportunity primary technological process
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International flow setting out:

1. when if article is declared,you have customs inspection, take gules channel please, if; of conduction custom follow-up is done not have, take green channel please.

2. baggage is consigned, change passenger ticket of boarding check hire and oneself you can be in effective Id appoint value opportunity bar to deal with seize the opportunity to make carry procedures with baggage, the boarding check that get. The plane stops to deal with from before the station 30 minutes seize the opportunity formalities. Notice passport, visa and viatic certificate should be carried please, do not put in the baggage that make use to carry.

3. buys the airport to build cost and aviation insurance after you reach the airport, please in the designation of international hall setting out bar buys the airport to build cost. Airport construction cost is a RMB 90 yuan, the passenger to hold diplomacy passport, passenger of the pass through the territory of a country inside 24 hours and 12 one full year of life are the following children, avoid receive the airport to build cost. You are returned but write one's own ticket buys aviation insurance.

Examination of 4. frontier defence asks you to affirm leave the country whether has been card filled, and along with passport, visa hands in frontier defence checkpoint to check along with all the others.

5. safety is checked for flight safety, you and carry baggage article to must accept safe inspection. Take the baggage inside machine to want to make inspection of X smooth machine, the passenger should walk along metallic detector the door.

6. is awaited machine and board the plane you can board the plane according to what boarding check place shows catchword is in await engine office accordingly machine rest, listen to broadcast clew to undertake boarding the plane.

International arrives at flow:

You are in 1. wholesome quarantine health blocks the if get quarantine place,sends sanitation inside the plane, fill in please necessary item makes wholesome quarantine station.

Examination of 2. frontier defence asks you to affirm whether the immigration card has been filled, and along with passport, visa hands in frontier defence checkpoint to check along with all the others

3. gets the baggage that make use to confirm airliner sign, get the luggage that make use to corresponding baggage dial. Baggage a long time, use baggage go-cart is more convenient. "Redcap " can offer baggage to carry a service for you.

4. customs inspection: If you are carried article did not exceed duty-free range, take green channel (without declare passageway) : ? of ǖ of  of warm up of Yao of nose Guang of  of Gui of sulphur of   ancient name for a kind of scorpion declares passageway) , accept examination or conduction customs procedures.

5. is entered arrive at the hall you can receive customer point to change a RMB in the hall. Arrive at the hall to receive customer point to set the urban district each are big guesthouse waits for bar and counter of ticket of public transportation carry out. Taxi and platform of public transportation bus are located in international to arrive at exit.
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