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Aviation journey common sense
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(one) airliner, order
The carriage flight of civil aviaton basically has 3 kinds of forms, namely schedule flight, overwork flight and charter flight fly, among them, schedule flight is the course according to schedule schedule and regulation, calm type decides the date, flight that decides hour, overwork flight is the flight that increases according to needing to be beyond schedule flight temporarily, charter flight flight is the requirement according to charter flight unit, go up in existing line or beyond the special flight that have. In addition, still have nonsked airliner and seasonal the airliner flies.
Airliner cent is an aerial liner and nonsked airliner, former it is to show the plane takes off from starting station regularly, according to formulary course the course stands to terminus via stopping, or the flight that arrives at terminus directly. The airliner that flies on international airliner calls international flight number, the airliner that flies on domestic line calls domestic flight number. The airliner is divided again to go Cheng airliner and return trip airliner.
The order is to show the airliner that flies inside unit time is counted. The order can decide according to volume demand and carry.

(2) airliner date
At present the number of domestic flight number is by the 2 words English of the airline of executive task code and 4 arabic numeralses are comprised. Among them, the several word code of the airline that the first number represents to execute this airliner mission, be like 1 represent China International airline, 2 represent northwest airline, 3 represent southern airline, 4 represent southwest airline, 5 represent Oriental airline, 6 represent northward airline. The several word code of the management board that the 2nd number shows to the terminus place of this airliner is belonged to or airline seat, the 3rd specific number that shows this flight number with the 4th number, and, if word of the 4th digit shows Cheng flight number for odd number, even numbers is return trip airliner. If SZ4301 is the aircraft that southwest airline reachs Guangzhou from Chengdu, CA1501 is the aircraft that China International airline reachs Shanghai from Beijing.
The airliner date of airliner of our country international is mix by the code of 2 words English of the airline that receives this airliner job composition of 3 arabic numeralses. Among them, the first number of China International airline is 9, other airline the first number express in order to entertain the digital code of this airline of airliner task. Former it is CA977 to Singapore like Beijing of China International airline, it is CA919 to Tokyo; Latter is like Shanghai of Chinese Oriental airline to be MU545 to Singapore, it is MU515 to big slope, current, the airline that our country aviation carries flying international line has south of Oriental airline of China International airline, China, China airline of north of airline, China and Chinese Xinjiang airline.
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