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Turn the passenger that take notices to change the card that register
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Because of plane occurrence breakdown, nearly 100 passengers that fly to Beijing by Jinan by SC1157 airliner originally deferred the 3 planes on the hour. After boarding the plane, 3 passengers discover, their seat sign and the seat number of additionally 3 people are identical.

Passenger soup gentleman says, on July 3, the SC1157 airliner that flew to Beijing 5:20 afternoon originally because breakdown incur loss through delay. Nearly 100 passengers must turn together by the SC1157 airliner 8:20. Soup gentleman says, after boarding a plane, 3 passengers discovered to 3 people had taken on their seat, and the number on their card that register is same. After “ unit staff comes, one this when after arousing, arrive 3 move seat of engine room back row, but they are not willing. 3 passengers that already took on the seat are a foreigner, one also is not willing to exchange, bilateral refuse to budge many minutes 20. ” soup gentleman says, final unit staff moved this foreigner that does not wish to exchange first-class stateroom cabin, the plane just takes off.

Service of Jinan airport ground attempers place was on duty that day manager plum gentleman explains to this, although the name of these two times of airliners is same, but the type of the plane is different, cockpit position is different also. The passenger that because this turns,takes needs to be in board the plane the mouth changes the card that register. “ has a few passengers to insist not to agree to change, took the original shop sign that register to board a plane, the result appeared the circumstance of a two people. ”

To the question of claim for compensation that the passenger raises because of airliner incur loss through delay, plum the director says the company won't make compensation. “8 orders the airliner incur loss through delay that takes off more 20 minutes, greatly the passenger is not willing to cooperate a staff member to cause. He expresses ” , the first time of airliner because plane breakdown incur loss through delay, it is objective reason; And board the plane after number happening is wrong, the staff member also undertakes adjustment remedying as soon as possible, did not cause big incur loss through delay, nonexistent compensation problem.