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Aviation knowledge -- how is change trains changed machine
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The ability after taking international airliner to be able to encounter airplane of the changeover in needing sometimes reachs the situation of destination. Change to change trains machine, ought to understand a little. Change directly the airport need not go out when machine, in deal with the bar of pass on add can deal with add to multiply the registering formalities of the airliner. If baggage is conduction straight carry destination, need not take out baggage deal with afresh make use.
A lot of countries set, every decides appropriate add to take the settle or live in a strange place of couplet Cheng pass through the territory of a country of airliner seat, change inside the airport machine keep less than 24 hours, although do not have visa of pass through the territory of a country, also can leave the airport to go sightseeing in the city. Return some national regulations, the passenger can deal with formalities of pass through the territory of a country in the airport, want not to seize the opportunity by accident only, before taking off one hour is returned can.
If there was not the plane that join that day, the passenger is about to be in change trains ground pass the night. If baggage does, is not straight carry destination, wait even take baggage, deal with afresh after making use, leave the airport again.
The passenger's board and lodging is arranged by local airline. Each country airline to crossing continent the passenger that long line travels, offer board and lodging freely by following regulation.
1. Passenger ticket of Cheng of hold international couplet, decide appropriate beforehand recently the passenger of the seat of class of couplet Cheng Hang, arrive in the flight join since the time of airliner place, to recently airliner takeoff time stops, enjoy board and lodging freely, but with the in the limit of inside 24 hours.
2. The passenger already decided appropriate recently seat of class of couplet Cheng Hang, can enjoy the board and lodging of 24 hours of less than freely. But add takes a scheduled flight should be after the airliner arriving to hold ground contact 24 hours bit in the passenger, take off.
3. If passenger place is decided add is not a recent airliner by airliner seat, but arrive after holding ground connection to nod, wish to change 24 hours of less than recently an airliner, and when this airliner has a place again, the passenger also can enjoy change trains freely to change the bed and board during machine.
The guest of international couplet Cheng that takes flight of Chinese civil aviaton to come from or heading for the United States, Canada, in new York, san Francisco, Luo Sha machine and other places joins airliner, chinese civil aviaton not burden passenger fare turns the board and lodging during harbor.
If be the reason as a result of airline respect, incur loss through delay decide formerly join time, airline will provide board and lodging, communication freely, be in charge of arranging good passenger to continue to sail.
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