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Draw out oneself 700 thousand take an examination of flight charter Guangxi 3 th
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The student resembles checking a car oneself draw out money to learn to fly like charter, this is the mode that runs first for home. By May, southern aviation faces the whole nation to recruit 100 to fly at one's own expenses student, 8 student attended Guangxi interview and check-up, among them 3 this year's tall examinee gained study competence.

It is reported, their tuition is controlled in 700 thousand yuan, as to whether become air man successfully, still need to carry assessment.

   Say a condition: Want “ to go up to the sky ” is not easy

All the time since, the pilot education system of our country is run below planned economy mode, flight student from enter flight academy to begin momently then, holding cost is pay by airline, oneself tuition of a minute of money need not be drawn out. Can say, air man is the profession that makes a person yearning very in the memory of a lot of people. But, if want him student to draw out money, go learning like taking an examination of car license, this is a not small doorsill undoubtedly.

According to introducing, flight study needs to throw higher study cost, the theory study that student wants to enter 6 months and 18 lunar flights train, among them the most expensive charge is flight training cost, average the flight training fee that every student needs to pay is 652 thousand yuan about. In addition, student is entering period must one-time pay teaching material cost, theory to groom to the institute cost of cost, flight choose cost, board and lodging add up to 66 thousand yuan or so.

Besides the tuition that does not poor, the body condition of flight student is very fundamental also. Air man check-up is divided be opposite even outside height, weight, eyesight medical history of the skin, splanchnic, facial features, family add up to 16 index undertake checking. If have impediment, tinnitus, serious even and carsick, seasick wait for a problem, student cannot learn flight business.

   Discuss a result: Spent big money to also will surely not succeed

According to reporter understanding, the flight of student trains cost to be able to aid the way that learns loan ” through bank “ , the process that trains according to flying is divided 3 period undertake disbursement. But, to a lot of people, this still is investment of a high specified number, the nature that they care most is redound problem.

Manage a chief introduction all right according to Na Hangfei, press at present the income level of flight personnel, the gross income that an air man works 10 years can amount to 2.9 million yuan or so on average. And fly at one's own expenses student loan principal and interest of 10 years is about 900 thousand yuan or so, want to attend a flight normally only, besides OK and relaxed reimbursement, income is very rich and generous still.

If be among study, short of checks a level, doesn't tuition of high specified number become a visionary hope? This controller expresses, learn a flight to also be put in particular risk at one's own expenses, because not be every student that joins flight study,can become air man smoothly certainly. In learning a process, individual person may appear because of the body the state of unwell flight or other and accident circumstance, perhaps cannot finish training task, short of to train assessment standard inside time limit, and need extends training time, be washed out even.
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