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Institute of Nanchang aviation industry
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Institute of Nanchang aviation industry is one faces countrywide recruit students, give priority to with engineering course, law of manage lection canal is pedagogic the common institution of higher learing that waits for course to coordinate development. Only then built 1952, it is the whole nation first having baccalaureate awards authority the unit, began to train Master graduate student 1985, obtained master's degree to grant right 1990, head office of industry of aviation of former subject China, began to execute 1999 in the center of build in all with the place, the administrative system that gives priority to with local management, began to save people government and project of national defence division by Jiangxi 2002 appoint build in all.

The institute covers an area of a face to accumulate more than mus 3000 (among them before lake new campus covers an area of 2250 mus of) , school building floor area 700 thousand square metre. The institute has place of 20 many scientific research (room) , center of 3 provincial scientific research, experimental site area 60 thousand much square metre, equipment of education, scientific research is covered many times 6000. Library area 7500 square metre, paper quality collects books 840 thousand, electronic books 500 thousand, periodical of article of China and foreign countries more than kinds 2200.

At present complete courtyard student 19000 much people, student of cadre of its Lieutenant Colonel 16000 much people, master graduate student 314 people. Cadre teachs a worker 1300 much people, 838 people of full-time teacher, , associate professor, senior engineer 500 more than person, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences 1, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering 1 person, 20 much people enjoy a government special allowance, provincial course leader many 20. Build since school, foster of all kinds graduate in all many 40 thousand.

Set now: Department of engineering of material science and project institute, environment and chemical engineering department, machinist Cheng department, electron, foreign language department, computer science department, building builds department, information and computational science technology of department, test and control project are, department of politics and law, .

Existing economics, law, work, education skill learns, social sports, English, French, news learns, material of project of stuff of chemistry of physics of musicology, artistic design, maths and applied maths, information and computational science, application, application, material chemistry, metal, high polymer and, cover labour to learn, tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, literature, a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, economics, law, pedagogic wait for many course class.

The institute has discipline of key of the class that visit a department 8, provincial brand is professional 12, national defence division is versed in appoint key construction is professional 1, 16 Master degree programs, have project Master, the same educational level to apply for master's degree to grant right, train a doctoral student jointly with 4 colleges such as Nanjing aerospace university.
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