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College of 10 run by the local people is violated in Ningxia compasses recruit a
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On June 28, after the obtain employment rate with municipal education professional to civil aviaton of college of run by the local people office undertakes investigating, release information through media, prohibit this year college of run by the local people recruits aviation in my area kind examinee. However, on July 20, 22 days, the reporter is dark visit discovery, inside Yinchuan drum-tower restaurant, still have “ of schools of 10 run by the local people bold ” recruits aviation kind examinee, among them personnel of recruit students of college of 8 run by the local people says to be able to make sure “100% obtain employment leads ” .

   Profess to assure 100 % obtain employment

The recruit students that 211 rooms are modern management university manages drum-tower hotel. The reporter tells recruit students staff, the aviation that wants to sign up for this school kind professional. At this moment, one claims the man of ” of “ Mr. Liu is given come the recruit students general rules of this school, the reporter sees on this general rules, this school recruits international Wu major, aviation is multiplied in sky government of travel service, national airport service, international is marine by Wu, install check to wait for major, tuition differs 7000 yuan every year to 8000 yuan.

Be opposite when the reporter aviation kind when the obtain employment circumstance of professional future expresses concern, ” of “ Mr. Liu consoles say, after entering this school to learn, enter a school gate, the school signs obtain employment to ensure an agreement with the parent and student, 100% assure obtain employment. And the pay after obtain employment is very considerable also, every month can take 8000 yuan of salary at least, go to school a few months make the money of expenditure came back.

See whether the reporter still accords with recruit students condition to have doubt to this school, ” of “ Mr. Liu takes out a lid to Beijing adult teachs the case of official seal of wise move office from the drawer, content is roughly: “ Yinchuan city teachs hall, today recruit students of modern management college does director Liu Xiaodong to the your office to undertake wise move works, teach hall to give give an official please to long for. ” reporter enquires, when this school goes to peaceful recruit students to examine and approve a watch, ” of “ Mr. Liu expresses to had not done, but have this to examine and approve a watch not to affect examinee to be read in this school, say its are trying hard to deal with examine and approve a watch. However, adult of so called Beijing teachs wise move office to connect administration “ municipality to teach the appellation of hall ” to be able to make a mistake actually, make a person unavoidable suspect its true bogus.

The reporter expresses to want to go back when considering to make a decision again, the staff member that this recruit students sentences says, if wanting to sign up, want as soon as possible, the school can reach together with recruit students personnel at the beginning of August look first.
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