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The robot is ascended " the Great Wall " Amphitryon did not gain the championshi
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Platoon of match of Asia-Pacific undergraduate robot decides ——— of order of seats

Yesterday afternoon, match of robot of undergraduate of the 4th Asia-Pacific falls in Beijing aerospace university next heavy curtain, come from Asia-Pacific 19 countries take part in the match with 20 of the area the team spreads out final contend, with one action of university of result Japan Tokyo seizes chief, continued again the tradition that Amphitryon cannot gain the championship. Two China undergraduate team fails to break through odd group, team of college of Beijing science and technology bends Ju Yajun, harbin project university and university of Hong Kong science and technology are paratactic the 3rd.  

Because the theme of this second contest is “ ,ascend the Great Wall, nod holy fire ” , because also be decorated in this northing gymnasium,become the appearance of stage of fire of Great Wall He Feng. Two teams that represent Chinese team go out for a battle are university of Beijing science and technology and Harbin project university respectively, the boreal family with distance very close northing emerges to watch the classmate of battle boost the morale of not less greatly. Afternoon at 4 o'clock, finals pulls open heavy curtain formally. The 2nd is Chinese covey namely team of college of Beijing science and technology is right Malaysia team. Of team of college of Beijing science and technology advocate robot and the other side advocate robot mutual intercept, move in the hand notch on the robot, and prevented opposite party successfully notch, tactics more get the better of one prepare, with 20 than 10 win a victory; Harbin project university leaves to Thailand team the bureau is very successful, with 21 bannerer than the huge gap of 1, although exert of the other side all over skill, still cannot break up dish.  

It is reported, issue a match of Asia-Pacific undergraduate robot to will be held in Malaysia. (author: Zhou Chunlin)