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Annual meeting of helicopter of the 21st whole nation is in institute of Chinese
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A few days ago, annual meeting of the 21st learning communication is in committee of major of helicopter of Chinese Institute of Aeronautics Tianjin is held. Current annual meeting undertakes by institute of Chinese civil aviaton, annual meeting theme is: The helicopter application in general aviation and development. Annual meeting gets a paper in all 144, among them market of 126 income paper. Division of industry of land sea empty three armed services, civil aviaton, aviation, national defence is versed in appoint 41 units such as media of enterprise of joint-stock, civilian battalion, news represent aviation of school, institute, factory, place and China and foreign countries many times 120 in all attended the meeting. Get a paper piece count and attend conference number to achieve all previous new tall.   

On the opening ceremony, of current annual meeting undertake dean of water of Wu Tong of institute of civil aviaton of unit —— China delivers open address; Minister of boat of dawn of king of ministry of communication of learning of Chinese Institute of Aeronautics announced committee of major of helicopter of Chinese Institute of Aeronautics on behalf of Institute of Aeronautics the 5th committee member constitutes list, express enthusiastic congratulation to congress; In boat is dean of benefit of Hao Zheng of institute of boat of section chief of 2 groups Wang Fengkui, land, general the vice director austral contest of Cao of aviation committee of experts published ebullient address, get the warm reception of representing.   

After the opening ceremony, hair of outfit of boat of institute of Chinese civil aviaton Dean Xu Xiaohao assistant, land does Wen Qingcheng editor of chairman of fine of allow of Guo of company of magazine of news of helicopter of chief engineer, world made congress report respectively. During annual meeting, representing communicate a paper in all 54, introduced respective and newest research achievement each other, content covered each fields of helicopter major. Delegate attending the meeting had extensive delibrate and communication around annual meeting theme, obtained positive positive result, deepened feeling at the same time, contact closely.   

Session held committee member of helicopter major committee and commissarial unit to represent working conference, chose 6 excellent papers, talk things over and decided the relevant matter of annual meeting of helicopter of the 22nd whole nation, discussed Sichuan the joins helicopter major committee application of 5 units such as sea spy group.   

Via the committee member the job can talk things over affirmatory, accept limited company of science and technology of Shanghai cheeper eagle and Haiteji round initiate, decide annual meeting of helicopter of the 22nd whole nation was in Heibei in August 2006 at the same time Baoding is held, by Baoding benefit this world aviation airscrew manufactory undertakes, the theme is: The application of new material new technology on helicopter. (Zhu Ruixin of Zhang Xiufeng of reporter stone Jiao's reporter)
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