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Civil aviaton institute is assumed face empty economy and research of plan of av
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On August 9, institute of government of institute of Chinese civil aviaton and academy of Tianjin city town planning design signed combination to begin " Tianjin faces empty economy and plan of aviation city development to consider " the agreement of the task, begin scientific research collaboration with respect to project of Tianjin aviation city.  

Publicize this Mr. Zhu Ruixin to introduce according to Party committee of civil aviaton academy, the research content of this task includes: To the research of aviation city example of as similar as Tianjin seaside International Airport domestic and international success; Face empty economy theory to consider; Affect the decisive factor research that aviation city develops; The prospective development of Tianjin airport forecasts research and research of development of estate of Tianjin aviation city. In the meantime, this task still will emphasize particularly on to develop the research of program, industrial position program at the industry to Tianjin aviation city, find city of the airport, aviation and local economy with this of interactive development cut a point, form region economy the favorable situation of benign and interactive development.  

It is reported, facing empty economy is to be below the big setting of economic globalization, rely on the airport, especially internationally the new-style economy configuration that the advantage development such as the stream of people of field of large scale computer, content shedding, iformation flow, capital shedding rises and economic mode. Tianjin has development to face the superiority with empty advantaged economy, seaside International Airport changes extend project to will make the integral dimensions of former airport enlarges 3 times, build northward air-freight center and even northeast stage by stage inferior air-freight base. (exercitation reporter Yu Hao)