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Institute of Chinese civil aviaton begins society of undergraduate summer vacati
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On August 2 - 10 days, institute of Chinese civil aviaton continues to teach academic undergraduate summer vacation time 12 people of teachers and students of demonstrative team of practice of society of 3 go to the countryside, hurry off to Shaanxi to save Yan'an city Li Qu to press down Zhou Jiawan village, had a week of by a definite date in order to carry out “ society of 3 go to the countryside carries out the culture of brigade science and technology of the 3 delegates ” , red that accepts revolutionary ablution to give priority to a problem activity.
In village of impoverished Home Zhou bay, the alms of teachers and students that civil aviaton institute continues to teach a college more than 200 more than 100 more than 800 nearly 1000 4 computer, jotter, pencil, pencil case, dress and things of numerous other culture, develop a series of activities, give pupil people course of tuitional computer base, have computer class to the teacher of the school make groom, undertake communication of have an informal discussion wait with old revolution soldier, they return the pupil with elementary school of Home Zhou bay finally people collective couplet sleeves show a wonderful literary evening party. Additional, practice team member people still use everyday the time in the evening broadcasts outdoor movie, get the heat of broad villager
Intense welcome.
After leaving village of Home Zhou bay, they visited the patriotism with numerous Yan'an to teach base, include Yang Jialing hill of memorial hall of revolution of site of revolutionary site, jujube garden revolution, Yan'an, pagoda, south slimy bay, and look with reverence Mao Zedong, Zhou En comes, the former residence of the great person such as day of Zhu De, Liu Shaoji, Deng Xiaoping, Zhang Wen. Through making a pledge before revolutionary site, visit before the grave of martyr, think in revolutionary memorial hall, broad classmate development knew the history of the party, accepted revolutionary traditionalism education, sturdy socialistic belief, rose to meet a standard. Classmates express in succession: Must accede ancestors unfulfilled wish, promote good revolutionary convention, the outstanding undergraduate that becomes body of a heart wisdom to develop in the round hard.
Institute of Chinese civil aviaton carries out advanced unit for countrywide undergraduate society, before nearly 3 years early or late 102 youths volunteer serves a line, past each district begins a society to carry out an activity, join a student 4070 more than person-time, have the honor to win society of above of the class that visit a department to carry out advanced collective to reward 14 in all, advanced individual rewards 34 person-time. Continue to teach academic society to carried out service group to win summer vacation time of “ Tianjin city two years continuously practice of society of 3 go to the countryside is advanced honorary title of demonstrative team ” . (reporter: Shi Jiao Zheng triumphant)
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