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Hainan aviation becomes base of exercitation of institute of Chinese civil aviat
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Channel of xinhua net Hainan on August 15 message (Tang Xiao) on August 4, base of the exercitation outside school of engineering of Electromechanical of institute of Chinese civil aviaton hangs out his shingle in Hainan aviation Inc. hold water. Delegate of leader of Electromechanical project institute, teacher and department of sea boat engineering, groom the center attended to hang out one's shingle about the leader ceremony.   

As we have learned, after exercitation base holds water, before can be being graduated by this year's graduates of Electromechanical project college of sea boat employ one semester maintains engineering department to undertake the technology jackarooes maintaining to Haihang. The course jackarooes, the operation skill of student will get rising quickly, the “ after student graduates operates ” actually to groom cycle also will shorten greatly. (be over)